Established in 1973, Fincham's Harness Shop Ltd had been operating for over 40 years as a full service saddlery and tack store catering to the needs of the equestrian market. The retail location is now closed as we have retired but Brian continues to do some work out of his home workshop.

Our products are designed, manufactured and meticulously finished using only the finest quality leather and hardware. Our commitment to manufacturing goods of excellent quality has resulted in the continued success of our business.

Each hide of leather is individually examined and selected for thickness, grain, finish and suitability for the item being made. Pieces are hand cut, edges hand dyed and rubbed, and all stitches are channeled. Manufactured leather products are conditioned prior to leaving the store.

To ensure top quality, we choose to use only solid brass or stainless steel hardware. We do not use any plated hardware.
As we manufacture tack, please feel free to contact us for a quote on any custom or hard to find order.